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- There are tons of sites out there that will help you to post your resume, or will give you some free information, but none of those sites will give you a comprehensive blog, career and job books that you can work through to learn all the facets of the modern online job search process. Remember:
- Even if you are an expert in some areas, you may not know your blind spots.
- Even if you have had success in the past, you may need to learn new things to keep in front of the curve.
This site was developed using the minds of the foremost authorities in the modern job search process:
- We have contributors from; the only site on the net that will direct you to a career coach- instantly. Visit there for even more cutting edge information from their blogs, podcasts and webcasts.
- We have contributions from and who specialize in   these areas of the job search process. These sites have years of experience in the resume and interview sections and have   the pulse of the community. Want to know what new keywords companies are using in their resume scanning software? Want to know which new questions are being typically asked in job interviews? Visit these sites and sign up for the newsletter to be kept in the loop.

- Finally we checked in with our friends at for more information about the new technologies and   innovations that are helping today’s job seeker differentiate themselves from the masses of people seeking employment.
We thank all these sites for their contributions and knowledge. Visit them today!

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