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MyOnlineCareerSpace was a comprehensive, all encompassing effort to create the job search, and job recruitment website. Designed with employment candidates and employers in mind, this entrant to the employment search Internet community is the ideal forum for job candidates to find employment, and for employers to find qualified employees. Countless months were invested into the design, interface, and functionality of this powerful online tool.
Employers can :
- Post employment opportunities
- Navigate and select employment candidates meeting specific criteria
- Communicate with candidates in an online networking environment
Employment candidates can :
- Create professional websites within the site
- Post videographed introductions
- Post resumes with detailed tracking capabilities
- Communicate with employers and peers
Those functions are a small sampling of the website’s capabilities and functionality. MyOnlineCareerSpace provides a forum unlike any other employment related website, thus eliminating the need for candidates, and employers alike, to “surf” the Internet in search of the options offered by our effective and efficient model.

MyOnlineCareerCoach is the One-Stop solution to all employment related questions. Job seekers, in their quest for employment, have a myriad of inquiries related to the job search. Through the use of experts, coaches, podcasts and blogs, a job seeker can retrieve answers to questions like:
- Which is more appropriate on my resume? The “Objectives” or “Summary Qualifications”?
- How much pre-interview information should I present about my work history?
- How do I respond to competing employment offers?
Our “up-to-the-minute” and “up-to-date” responses for employment questions is unmatched. Job candidates, through practice, will be prepared to enter any interview scenario armed with the correct responses to all employment related inquiries.

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